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The terms outlined in this document cover the usage of the Northern Machine Tools website located at By accessing this website we assume you accept these terms and conditions. Do not continue to use Northern Machine Tools if you do not agree to take all of the terms and conditions stated on this page.

All goods are sold subject to the following conditions to the exclusion of all others:

1. Orders

All orders including those based on a quotation are subject to confirmation on receipt.

2. Terms

a) “New Machine Tools and Machine Equipment”
All prices invoiced will be those ruling at the date of despatch. Payment is strictly 30 days from the invoice.
New machines are covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee.

b) “Used Machine Tools”
Payment strictly with order or against invoice, but in any event before arrangements for delivery.

c) “Machines as seen”
Machines are not guaranteed, for performance or specification, and must be accepted as seen and inspected.

d) “Machines checked over and repaired as necessary”
Machines are guaranteed for three months against the cost of parts which have failed to function.
Fitting charged extra.
All machines supplied with no extra equipment in excess of that machine at the time of inspection.
Certain new standard equipment can be supplied on request.

3. Title

In the event of the buyer going into liquidation, bankruptcy or for any reason whatever is unable to pay in full and final settlement we reserve the right to reclaim the goods supplied. Ownership of the goods shall in no circumstances pass to the purchaser until payment is made and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing this shall apply even though the goods may be in the purchaser’s possession.

4. Delivery

Time for delivery is estimated as accurately as possible, but is subject to any delays or breakdowns beyond the control of the seller and is not guaranteed. Provisions for penalties for delay in delivery or otherwise are excluded from any contract based on these quotations. We are not to be held liable for any losses or damage whatsoever arising from late delivery or failure of manufacturers to proceed with manufacture.

5. Specifications

Manufacturers’ or suppliers’ illustrations and specifications supplied by us are not binding. This right is reserved to vary or modify specifications provided the design of the machine is not substantially altered.

6. Damage, Shortage or Loss

The seller does not accept responsibility for any damage, shortage or loss in transit unless:

a) Damage or shortage is notified in writing both to the seller and the carriers within seven days of receipt of goods and the goods have been signed for as ‘not examined’ and have been handled by the buyer in accordance with Carrier’s conditions or

b) Non-delivery (in the case of total loss) is notified both to the seller and the carriers within 10 days of the date of despatch.

7. Packing

Unless otherwise specified, packing cases and packing materials will be charged extra but will be credited in full on return to the seller’s works, carriage paid, and in good condition within one month of receipt by the buyer.

8. Export

Parts despatched abroad shall be inspected by the buyer’s Agent or representative before despatch from the seller’s works, as no responsibility can be accepted after shipment.

9. Cancellation

Orders cannot be cancelled except with our consent. We reserve the right to charge cancellation fees if we accept Cancellation.

10. Complaints

If no complaint is made within 10 days of delivery, in writing, the goods will be deemed to be supplied in accordance with the contract, and the Customer shall be bound to pay the same.

11. About These Conditions

These conditions cancel any other conditions to the contrary and are in addition to those expressed or implied whether by agreement, common law or statute.


Thank you for taking the time to read through our terms and conditions!

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