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Stock No: F3060 Micro Collette Gear Cutter Grinder
Make: Micro Collette
Model: A.015
Serial No: 21494

Maximum Diameter of Helical Cutter 180mm, Maximum Diameter of Spur Cutter 200mm, Maximum DP of Cutter 3, Minimum DP of Cutter 48, Maximum Helix Angle of Helical Cutter 45 Degrees, Cutting Angle of Cutter 5 Degrees, Table Speed Spur Gear Cutter 2.5 – 2 -

Additional Info:

Grinding Wheel 180 x 16 x 14mm, Electrics 400v, 3ph, 50 Cycles, Motors Grinding Wheel 1HP, Table 1/3 HP, Spur Cutter Spindle Drive 1/6 HP, Coolant Pump 1/10 HP, Approximate Dimensions 1100 x 870 x 1450mm, Approximate Weight 1100kg